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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Plymouth Elementary families got an inside look at specialist classes

Plymouth Elementary families got an inside look at specialist classes

For many elementary school students, a highlight of their day is their specialist class. During specialist time at Plymouth Elementary School, students rotate through art, music, gym, health & wellness, technology, and library—and at the recent Specialist Fun Night, their families did, too. 

“My favorite thing was visiting technology with Mrs. Ehrlich and gym with Mrs. Rabenda, because I got to show my mom my work on Scratch and play a game with my dad in gym,” said PE third grader Charles Andrews.

The families had a hands-on experience in each of the specialist areas, including making mindfulness jars and creating their own bookmarks.

children and adults making mindfulness jars

Making mindfulness jars for Health & Wellness class

"I think it was a good time for them to see where the kids learn and to be a part of what the kids typically learn,” said PE physical education teacher Christi Rabenda. “My favorite thing was seeing the kids versus the parents—seeing the excitement and fun they had playing against and with each other." 

PE first grader Carmella Tutt also enjoyed the activity in the gym. When asked about the funniest thing that happened at Specialist Fun Night, she said, "Whenever I hit my parents with the ball, they had to do five jumping jacks as part of the game we played." 

kids against the parents dodgeball

Children vs. adults in gym class

Seventy-five families, including more than 120 students, took part in the event.

"I thought it was great to meet the parents and families and to give the PE kids a chance to show off what they’re learning in the specialist subjects,” said PE technology teacher Christine Ehrlich. “It was especially awesome to see older students come back and visit with their families.”  

As part of the technology rotation, the participants also had a chance to say what they’re thankful for on camera for a special upcoming segment on the school’s weekly newscast, Panda Press.

students and adults walking in circle

A turkey song in music class