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Colonial's K-3 schools welcome author and illustrator Kevin McCloskey

Colonial's K-3 schools welcome author and illustrator Kevin McCloskey
Jennie Hill's class with author Kevin McCloskey

Author and illustrator Kevin McCloskey is making the rounds in Colonial School District’s K-3 buildings. This year’s visiting author has written a handful of books about mostly “small misunderstood animals,” including Something’s Fishy and The Real Poop on Pigeons. 

“He writes informational books,” said Ridge Park Elementary School second grader Oliver Dalius. “The pictures look like a fairy tale, but it has true information.”

“They’re what I call ‘funny but true,’” said Mr. McCloskey. 

His “Giggle & Learn” series started when his wife Patt McCloskey, a librarian, asked him to create a book about worms she could read to children. The book he wrote and illustrated was a big hit at the library, so he sent it to a publisher, Toon Books in New York City. That book evolved into the first book in the series, We Dig Worms. Now there are six books.

During the assembly, Mr. McCloskey drew an illustration and talked about how to create a book.

“I don’t always get to put exactly the words and the pictures I want in the book,” said Mr. McCloskey. “I try to explain a little of the editing process about how my ideas get changed and hopefully improved.” 

Author Kevin McCloskey speaking to children in gym

He also shared a story about attending “Ant Camp” in Florida, and how he caught and studied ants to prepare for his book, Ants Don’t Wear Pants.

“My favorite thing was when we learned about the ants, because I like ants,” said Ridge Park Elementary School second grader Olivia Duczak.

His latest book, Caterpillar, was recently named one of Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Best Kids’ Book Award Winners.

Mr. McCloskey is from Kutztown, PA, and taught illustration in the Communication Design Department at Kutztown University for 30 years.

McCloskey holding illustration

Kevin McCloskey with an illustration he drew of Power the Panther, the Ridge Park Elementary School mascot.