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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Keystone Exams Prep and Practice

The Keystone Exams are Pennsylvania’s end-of-course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in the subject areas of Algebra I, Biology and English Literature. 

Students will be required to take these exams at the end of the following identified courses:


Foundations of Integrated Math (part 2), Integrated 3, Integrated 3H, Integrated 3M, Integrated 3L (part 2), Math Strategies


Biology, Applied Biology, Honors Biology


English 3, English 3H, English 3L 

Keystone Exam results are used to calculate each student's proficiency in that subject area. The student’s best overall score is determined by calculating the highest overall module score from any exam (each comprehensive Keystone Exam consists of two modules). Each student’s best overall score will be banked until their 11th grade year, where it will be reported for AYP, school, state and countywide data.

If a student is not proficient in a Keystone Exam, that student may be asked to participate in a scheduled remediation class and retake the exam.

Parents and guardians who believe the Keystone Exams may be in conflict with their religious beliefs may review the Keystone Exams by making arrangements with the Assistant Principal, Ms. Heather King, once the exams arrive at the school. No copies of the Keystone Exams or notes about exam questions will be permitted to be transmitted digitally or leave the school.

Keystone Exams: General Information

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