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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Family Handbook

Students of Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) are required to be familiar with contents of the Family Handbook and to follow policies, regulations and rules described herein. Parents/guardians and students are required to sign the PWHS Handbook Receipt (on PowerSchool) indicating their acknowledgement of receipt and review of the handbook.

This handbook is provided as a general summary of current statutes and district policies, guidelines, rules, regulations and practices applicable to school affairs. It is not intended to be inclusive of all circumstances pertaining to the educational process and is subject to change. If further guidance or reference is desired, consult your school principal.


Chapter 1: Introduction for Families

Chapter 2: Academics and School Counseling

Chapter 3: Activities and Student Life

Chapter 4: Athletics

Chapter 5: Attendance

Chapter 6: General School Information

Chapter 7: Health and Medical Information

Chapter 8: Student Conduct

Chapter 9: Student Support Services

Appendix A: Graduation Requirements and Commencement

Appendix B: Activities Code of Ethics

Appendix C: Alcohol and Other Controlled Substances Policy

Appendix D: Summary of Code of Student Conduct & Discipline

Appendix E: Bullying/Cyberbullying and Discrimination/Discriminatory Harrassment Reporting Form

Appendix F: Grading System and Calculation of GPA

Appendix G: Weapons Policy

Appendix H: Automobiles and Parking