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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Quick Course Guide for Sophomore Year (9th to 10th)

Click here for a printable version of the Sophomore Course Guide.

Locate your current course and identify the course for next year in the box to the right of it. 


Current Course       Next Year's Course
English 2L English 3L
English 2 English 3
English 2H English 3H

Social Studies

Current Course Next Year's Course
American History Global Understanding
US History Global Studies or H Global Studies
H US History H Global Studies or AP Human Geography
AP US History AP Human Geography


Current Course Next Year's Course
Integrated Math 2L Integrated Math 3L-S1 & Integrated Math 3L-S2
Integrated Math 2M Integrated Math 3M-S1 & Integrated Math 3M-S2
Integrated Math 2 Integrated Math 3 & Integrated Math 4
Integrated Math 2H Integrated Math 3H & Integrated Math 4H  


Current Course Next Year's Course
Physical Science L Applied Biology
Applied Physical Science Applied Biology
Biology Chemistry
Honors Biology Chemistry or Honors Chemistry

Other things to consider:

  • Teachers will have conversations with you regarding their recommendations for your future course selection.

  • Review the PWHS Course Catalog. Click here to go to the PWHS Course Catalog online.

  • You must take Health and Fitness 2 either in 10th or 11th grade.

  • World Language should be continued if you are doing well in it.

  • Focus on challenging yourself by scheduling rigorous courses aligned to your career path.

  • Most CMTHS students will take the following credits: English (1), Science (1), Social Studies (1), Math (2), CMTHS classes (4), Elective (1).

  • It is your responsibility to review the graduation requirements and be sure you will fulfill them. 

  • You will be meeting with your counselor to review your selections and your graduation requirements in mid-March to early April.