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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

PWHS Career Pathways

What are Career Fields, Clusters and Pathways?

Career Pathways provide you with a direction for making informed career decisions. You should attempt to identify Career Pathways based upon interests, experiences and abilities. Career Clusters group specific careers with common features/skills and designate specific occupations and postsecondary majors related to a chosen Career Field. Career Pathways and Career Clusters will assist you in choosing rigorous courses of study at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School with the goal of preparing you for careers and extended studies.   

There are 11 Career Pathways at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School tied to the 16 national Career Clusters under the six national Career Fields. To ensure graduation requirements are met, you should use this course‐planning guide to determine required core and elective courses for grades 9‐12. While this page is a general guide to be used during course selection planning, consultation with teachers and counselors is essential. 

How to begin a Career Pathway

Are you finding that you struggle with what to do next or which Career Pathway/direction you want to pursue? That’s normal and part of the process! Here is a good place to start:

  1. Self Assess. Think about yourself.
    What do you enjoy? In what types of work environments do you thrive? Are you social or do you like to work solo? What do you absolutely NOT like to do? Many of these questions are addressed through your Naviance Career Assessments; go back and review this information! 
  2. Commit yourself. Start down a path.
    Now that you figured out what you enjoy, take action. This applies to selecting courses, extracurricular activities, and investigating job shadows, internships and community service opportunities. Your course selections and extracurricular activities here at PWHS should reflect a Career Pathway of interest.  
  3. Reflect on your experiences.
    What did you like/not like about your experience/courses of study. Should you continue down this path? If not, repeat steps one and two until you find your spark!

Career Fields

Follow your career path by selecting applicable courses of study offered at PWHS. All pathways include the recommendation that students consider taking both Career & Financial Management and Internship as Core Courses in the process.

*Courses denoted with an asterisk reflect courses/programs aligned with a Career Pathway offered at Central Montco Technical High School.

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