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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Chapter 339: Career and Future Readiness

What is Chapter 339?

Schools must be responsive to labor market projections and workforce needs and guidance counselors do guide students to explore many different employment pathways; one that is right for them. Chapter 339 of the Pennsylvania School Code mandates that all school districts in the Commonwealth have a comprehensive, sequential program of guidance services, which does stress career and future readiness; Kindergarten through Grade 12. This plan has been articulated through a written action plan, and submitted to the Secretary of Education.      

What is the purpose of Chapter 339?

The purpose of 339 is to support the importance of career planning and future readiness for all students beginning in Kindergarten.

What does this plan "look like" for the Colonial School District and its students?

Students will explore career related activities, instruction and/or experiences in four (4) domains:

  1. Career Awareness and Preparation (discovering self-awareness, interests and relationships)
  2. Career Acquisition (getting a job)
  3. Career Retention and Advancement (keeping a job)
  4. Entrepreneurship (creating a job)   

The Colonial School District 339 Team has created a comprehensive action plan for students to explore careers and career pathways K-12.  The CSD Advisory Council consisting of educators, parents, students, business/community and post-secondary stakeholders has been established to provide guidance and support as the district’s plan evolves.  The Colonial School District's administrative/counseling team meet regularly throughout each year to revisit 339 plan progress, make recommendations to meet Career Education and Work Standards, and to assist students with academic/career planning.       

Chapter 339: 9-12 School-Counseling Plan