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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School


PWHS teacher works with a student in a science class
Plymouth Whitemarsh High School offers a rigorous and varied academic program that is aligned with state and national standards. With more than 200 course offerings, students can choose classes that meet their academic needs, as well as pique their personal interests.
Challenging honors level courses, including the student-run Writing Center and hands-on Engineering classes, provide leadership opportunities through inspiring project-based lessons grounded in real-world applications. More than 20 Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses and Dual Enrollment courses (taught both onsite by PWHS teachers or at one of several local colleges) allow students to earn college credit for the challenging work they accomplish as part of their high school experience. You can find information about programs such as the International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme, PRIZE (Partners in Raising Inclusive Zealous Educators) and access course planning resources by using the links on the left. 
PWHS uses a block schedule format. Most classes meet five blocks per week per semester and are valued one credit. Other options include half semester courses and rigorous full-year Advanced Placement courses. Four blocks are scheduled each semester with a maximum of eight credits for the year. Students can also take advantage of the hands-on technical programs at the Central Montco Technical High School for two blocks each day. Additionally, seniors can receive credit for exploring a career more in depth through an internship.
All teachers in the Colonial School District use “Differentiated Instruction”, where they plan lessons so the students are exposed to the material in a variety of ways in order to accommodate for different learning styles. The student-centered classroom gives the students ownership of their learning and allows them to explore content in large groups, small groups and independently. This approach helps the students develop a foundation in 21st century skills, such as learning how to communicate and collaborate effectively with their peers, as well as provides them with the strategies and confidence to discover new things on their own.

Advanced Placement Courses at PWHS

  • American Government & Law
  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science A
  • English Literature & Composition
  • European History
  • French Language
  • Latin Vergil
  • Music Theory
  • Physics C
  • Psychology
  • Spanish Language
  • Spanish Literature
  • Statistics
  • Studio 2D & 3D
  • Studio Drawing
  • U.S. Government & Politics
  • U.S. History