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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Mission and Values

PWHS Vision

To graduate all students with the 21st century skills they will need to be highly successful in their well-chosen post-secondary endeavors

PWHS Mission Statement

The mission of Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, a dynamic force in secondary education in the Colonial School District, is to graduate responsible and productive students by providing educational experiences which develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, encourage mutual respect and appreciation of human diversity, and foster active citizenship through the collaborative efforts of the school community.

We Believe:

  • The academic achievement of each student is our primary goal.
  • Education is a shared responsibility among students, family, school staff, community and government.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Every student is a valuable individual able to make positive contributions.
  • Students learn at varying rates and in different ways.
  • A safe and respectful school environment fosters educational and social growth for all.
  • Students develop self-esteem through compassionate, respectful relationships and meaningful experiences.
  • A system of ethical values empowers students to make valuable contributions to society.


Alma Mater

Oh may the ties that bind us
Carry through the years,
With a belief in God and Freedom
Future without fears,
For this is our heritage
From our patriots true,
Instilled by you the red and blue
Of Plymouth Whitemarsh High
Music by M.C. Kuhn
Words by R.T. Dombrow

School Colors

The official school colors of Colonial blue and scarlet were those of the 13th State Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line, 1777, composed of soldiers from this area who fought in the American Revolutionary War.